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booking & CONTACT

Kyohei Tanaka / kyou

山形県出身。上京し18歳でHouse DJとしての音楽キャリアをスタート。類稀なるスキル・セレクトセンスとHousemusicへの熱いバイブスで頭角を現し、都内主要クラブのメインアクトでDJ出演。活動範囲を全国各地に拡大し、年間280本以上のパーティに出演。その名は一躍日本中に拡がった。

そんな中、2015年に瀧澤賢太郎氏との出会いが彼のキャリアの大きな分岐点となる。改めて本物のクリエイターと共に活動をすることで、より深くHouseを知り、愛するようになり、block fmマンスリーレギュラーハウス番組「Haus it Feelin' ?」に準レギュラーとして出演。「Haus it Feelin' Records」ローンチツアーで全国各地を飛び回り、本物の音を追求する稀有な若手DJとして台頭する。


2018年11月には、自身初となるファーストシングル「Beyond EP」をリリースし、新世代プロデューサーとしてデビュー。中でも「Beyond (Sleeping Man Remix)」はBeatport Afro House Top100 Releaseチャートにおいて第3位、「Beyond (Original Mix)」はTech House Top100 Releaseチャート第27位にランクインと、デビュー作ながら大健闘した。今後も楽曲のリリースをまだまだ控えており、その活躍に目が離せない存在である。


He's from Yamagata prefecture in Japan.

He moved to Tokyo and started music career as House DJ from 18 years old. He had hot vibes to the Housemusic, and the rare skills-select sense. so played DJ at major clubs in Tokyo as the main acts. He expanded the range of activities to various parts of the country and played in more than 280 parties a year. His name spread rapidly throughout Japan.

After that, the encounter with Mr. Kentaro Takizawa in 2015 was a big branch point of his career. By working with real creators, He again became more aware of "House" and loved it. and he was appointed as a quasi-regular to monthly regular housemusic radio "Haus it Feelin' ?" of "block fm". and, flies around all over the country on "Haus it Feelin' Records" launch tour and emerged as rare young DJs pursuing genuine sounds.

Currently in Tokyo, he has a regular appearance at Shibuya WOMB, Shibuya Contact, Shibuya OATH and Aoyama ZERO. and started his own party "Borderline" at Aoyama ZERO from June 2018.

In November 2018, he released his first single "Beyond EP" and debuted as a new generation producer. Among them, "Beyond (Sleeping Man Remix)" ranked No.3 in Beatport Afro House Top 100 Release Chart, "Beyond (Original Mix)" ranked No.27 in Tech House Top 100 Release Chart. Despite his debut works, was large good fight. He will continue to release sounds in the future and we can't keep an eye on his success.

We can't take our eyes off from him who loving "House" and saying that I 'd bet my life on "House".

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